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Inauguration of PB El Templat

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24.10.2007 13:47

Inauguration of PB El Templat

Joan Boix, the director in charge of supporters clubs was joined by Xavier Bagués, a member of the Social Commission, at the inauguration of the Penya Barcelonista El Templat de Burriana (Castellón), presided by Gabriel Reguart Miralles.

The Barça directors were accompanied by José Ramón Calpe, the mayor of Burriana, María Mercedes Jiménez, councillor for sports and Miguel Ángel Ventura, a delegate from the Advisory Council in representation of the Barça supporters clubs in the Castellón region.

Barça and solidarity

Joan Boix congratulated the Peña Barcelonista El Templat, and then spoke about FC Barcelona’s finances and membership, as well as sporting aspects. He was sorry to see the team had lost in Villarreal, but has every confidence that the players and coaches will be able to end the present season well and bring us plenty of happiness in the form of major titles.

The director spoke about how important it is for Barça to have been involved in so many charity programmes since Joan Laporta assumed the presidency of the club in June 2003, which has included the UNICEF agreement, which has placed the club in an important position in world football as a whole.

He is also delighted to note that the membership of supporters clubs is on the constant increase, and commented on how important this is for the club because “without the supporters clubs Barça would not be anything like as socially important as it is”.


As part of the events to celebrate the inauguration of the Peña Barcelonista El Templat, a tribute was made to Nicolau Casaus, to Pepe Segura and to Vicente Ribes, the vice president of the club, and its founder and also the brains behind the Peña Barça Burriana, and also an FC Barcelona member. Xavier Bagués presented him with a gift. Vicente Ribes, now 80 years old, also gave a few words of thanks for the tribute held in his honour.

Welcome to the family

Xavier Bagués spoke to the members of the new Peña Barcelonista El Templat in the name of Barcelona president Joan Laporta. The member of the Social Commission highlighted just how important the occasion was not just for the supporters club “but also for FC Barcelona because a new member of the Barça family has been born today”. He reiterated how important it is for Barça for clubs like this to form, and also congratulated Miguel Ángel Ventura for all the good work he has done as a delegate for the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council.

The event was closed by José Ramón Calpe, the mayor of Burriana, who was presented with a book on Barça history. Calpe congratulated the Peña El Templat and spoke about what Barça means to the people, saying that it is through its existence that “I have seen so many people seeing their hopes and dreams come alive”.

He said that as major of the city “it is a pleasure to witness the inauguration of the Peña Barcelonista El Templat both in terms of what it represents for Barcelona supporters and the city in general”, and also thanked all the Barça representatives who had gone to the trouble to attend. He said he was delighted with the book on Barça history that he had received and said “I hope it proves to be a valuable addition to the collection in the municipal library” and also wished the supporters club “a long and fruitful life because that would be good for itself and also for Burriana”. He ended with a “Visca el Barça”, and said that had come from his heart even though he personally is a fervent Valencia supporter.
Inauguration of PB El Templat
The PB El Templat
The PB ‘El Templat’ is the second to be formed in the historic capital of La Plana Baixa. Since its foundation in 2003, it has been presided by Gabriel Reguart Miralles, who had formerly been one of the founders of the Peña Barça Burriana in the 1980s. A series of incidents led to the creation of this new supporters club that is named after the city’s bell tower. The club already has over one hundred members and is growing continually. Its headquarters are at Plaça Pla de Sant Blai, 4.

Reguart is joined on the Board of Directors by Vicente Ribes (vice president), César Ferrandis (secretary), Núria Reguart (vice secretary), Francisco Serisa (treasurer), Miquel Torelló (public relations) and Alfredo Masip, Avelino Chiva, María Lina Segarra, María José Radiu, Rosa Valero and Conchita Segura (board members).

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