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PB Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s celebrates 22nd Anniversary

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18.10.2007 12:55

PB Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s celebrates 22nd Anniversary

The Penya Barcelonista de Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s, presided by Enrique Atencia, has celebrated the twenty second anniversary of its constitution.

The celebrations included a gala supper presided, in representation of FC Barcelona, by Marc Carrasco, a member of the Social Commission, in the company of former handball player Andrei Xepkin, and was attended by some 150 Barša supporters, along with Daniel Escuder, the councillor for sports on the Sant AdriÓ Local Council. The supporters club’s former president Salvador Aragall, who oversaw the 2004 World Supporters Clubs Meeting, also attended, along with Liberato Lartuna, a delegate on the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council.

Supporters take centre stage

Enrique Atencia thanked everybody for coming and explained how important this 22nd anniversary is, and asked the club to pay more attention to its supporters clubs.

Marc Carrasco responded by explaining how the club has made much progress in this direction since Joan Laporta took over the presidency of FC Barcelona. “The club is aware of the work you do and values it”, said Marc Carrasco, before adding that “FC Barcelona is not just about players and directors, the real stars are yourselves, the members, the fans, the supporters clubs, and as a club our main responsibility should be to look after the members”. He is impressed by this particular club, and pointed out that the Penya Barcelonista de Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s has more than a thousand members, 254 of which are also full members of FC Barcelona.

Andrei Xepkin thanked the organisers for making them feel so welcome and spoke about how he once received a phone call out of the blue asking if he would like to sign for FC Barcelona. “My life changed from that moment on” he said. “And I can never be grateful enough for having been able to come to Barša and the way it has affected me”.

Council recognises work done by the club

David Escuder, the councillor for sports on the Sant AdriÓ Local Council apologised for the absence of the Mayor, who was unable to attend due to other commitments. He praised the club’s efforts in Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s, and encouraged the president, the directors and members to keep up the good work and to show “the same enthusiasm that you have always shown”.

The gala meal was also attended by representatives of other supporters clubs, namely El Repartidor, Gol 3000, Martorell, Mollet, Pep Ventura, Santa Coloma and Solera de Calella.
PB Sant AdriÓ del Bes˛s celebrates 22nd Anniversary

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