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Highly successful XVII Meeting of Galician FCB Supporters

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02.06.2008 16:23

Highly successful XVII Meeting of Galician FCB Supporters’ Clubs

On Sunday 25 May the XVII Meeting of Galician FCB Supporters’ Clubs was held at Marín in Galicia, and proved to be a great success.

The twenty FCB supporters’ clubs from all over Galicia that gathered in Marín were joined by FC Barcelona director Jacint Borràs, Social Commission director Josep Ignasi Macià and handball star Andrei Xepkin. Also present were Francisco Veiga, Mayor of Marín; Francisco de Castro, the Supporters’ Club Advisory Committee representative; and Salvador Cerviño, president of the Marín SC.

Reception in the Town Hall

SA701893.JPGThe event kicked off with a reception hosted by the mayor in the town hall for the FC Barcelona representatives and the supporters’ clubs. Mayor Veiga spoke about what Barça means and the social commitment of its followers. “I hope that at forthcoming Meetings you will have lots of titles to celebrate,” he said. Jacint Borràs thanked the Town Council for the support it had given to the Marín SC in organising the Meeting.

Lunch and speeches

SA701959.JPGAfter a number of activities including a parade accompanied by the Town Band, a boat trip and a concert by the same Town Band, lunch was held to be followed by official speeches. To warm applause Jacint Borràs reminded attendees that “win or lose we are still Barça fans”. He also spoke about the need for “solidarity and commitment”.

Jacint Borràs then thanked the organising Marín SC for all their efforts and expressed his hope that the event would be a springboard for the Tui and Ares Supporters’ Clubs which are to organise the Meetings in 2009 and 2010 respectively.
Highly successful XVII Meeting of Galician FCB Supporters’ Clubs
Attending supporters’ clubs
The XVIII Meeting of Galician FCB Supporters’ Clubs was attended by the following supporters’ clubs: Aresana, Val de Lemos, Eternos do Barça, Val de Otea, Santiago, Vilaxuan, Fisterra, Ogrote, Vilalba, Ferrolana, Tui, Caldas de Reis, Lalin, Lucense, Carballiño, O Golpe, Rivadavia and Marin.

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