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Barça Sorli Discau win Catalan derby (7-2)

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05.12.2009 18:00

Barça Sorli Discau win Catalan derby (7-2)

Sònia de Alba

In an exciting game against their old rivals Vic, Barca Sorli Discau put in a brilliant last 10 minutes to run out 7-2 winners after the game had been pretty pretty tight first 40 minutes.

The first half saw just two penalty goals, from Mig Ordeig to put Barca 1-0 up, then from Albert Casanovas to equalise

The second half started with Sandro Bertolucci putting the visitors 1-2 up before Carlos Lopez and Panadero made it 3-2, a score that seemed to relieve a lot of tension, with Reus dropping off completely and Barca running in four more goals.

Barca take the initiative

2009-12-05_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_TECNOL_REUS_DEPORTIU_017.jpgAlberto Borregán was one of Barca's main arguments in the first half, though the large number of fouls – 9-4 at half time, meant they had to switch their game plan around. Mia Ordeig took advantage to score a penalty, but Reus came back despite being a player down after Garcia saw a blue card and Casanovas drew the teams level firing home after Egurrola could only parry his penalty.

More goals in the second half

2009-12-05_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_TECNOL_REUS_DEPORTIU_005.jpgThe second half started badly, with Sandro Bertolucci putting the visitors ahead, but the lead didn't last as just 20 seconds later Lopez made it 2-2, only to see blue later on and give away the team's tenth foul. Mirko Bertolucci took the penalty, but Egurrola was equal to it and is save seemed to stir the hosts on and despite Lopez missing a penalty for Reus' tenth foul, Barca surged forward and when Lopez set up Panadero on a counter to make it 3-2 the flood gates opened, Panadero made it four and soon after Teixido scored to make it five. Two more quick strikes from Lopez and Teixido again rounded off a convincing win that the Palau crowd much appreciated.
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (1+6):
Egurrola, Ordeig (1), Panadero (2), Adorher, Borregán –starting five Páez, López (2), Teixidó (2), Reinaldo.
Tecnol Reus Deportiu (1+1): Trabal, García, Casanovas (1), Mirko Bertolucci, Negro Páez –starting five– Sandro Bertolucci (1), Caldú, Molet.

Goals: 1-0, Ordeig (p), min 9; 1-1, Casanovas (p), min 16; 1-2, Sandro Bertolucci, min 26; 2-2, Carlos López, min 26; 3-2, Panadero, min 42; 4-2, Panadero, min 45; 5-2, Teixidó, min 46; 6-2, Carlos López, min 47; 7-2, Teixidó, min 47.

Blue Cards Jordi García (REU); Carlos López (FCB); Guillem Trabal (REU); Mirko Bertolucci (REU).

Red Cards Negro Paéz (REU).

Referees: Sandoval and Dapena.

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