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14 out of 14 (35-30)

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08.12.2010 19:41

14 out of 14 (35-30)

Sònia de Alba

Barça Borges are 14-0 in the Asobal and can’t afford to let any points slip. The game with Naturhouse was tough, but they got the job done.

Barça were made to work for their fourteenth straight win, and are now just won win short of a perfect first half of the season. Xavi Pascual rested Víctor Tomás, while neither Jesper Noddesbo nor Marco Antonio Oneto started.

Two nightmares: Juárez and referees

2010-12-08_FCB_BORGES_-_NATURHOUSE_LA_RIOJA_017.jpgBarça Borges were up against a side who have the squad to be doing much better than they are, and their play at the Palau further supported that suggestion. It was only 1-1 after the first five, though the Barça bench seemed to put that down to some incomprehensible refereeing decisions. The visitors were also buoyed by the excellent Juárez, who scored nine in the first half.

Break at last

2010-12-08_FCB_BORGES_-_NATURHOUSE_LA_RIOJA_001.jpgIt was 17-15 at half-times, and the side from La Rioja had even been a goal up now and again. But Juárez seemed burned out in the second half and only added two more to his account. Barça pounced on the moment and as they found their pace it became evident that the points were staying at home. With their feet on the gas, Pascual’s side moved seven ahead (34-27), and it eventually finished 35-30, leaving Barça Borges top of the table with a perfect record.
14 out of 14 (35-30)
Match stats


FC Barcelona Borges (17+18): Saric (Sjöstrand), Juanín (6), Entrerríos (4), Jernemyr (-), Sorhaindo (1), Igropulo (-), Rocas (2) – starting seven - Sarmiento (5), Romero (6), Nagy (4), Rutenka (6)

Naturhouse La Rioja (15+15): Aguinagalde, Parra (2), Juárez (11), Tioumentsev (3), Dujshebaev (3), Garabaya (2), Amargant (1) - starting seven - Arrieta (3), Velasco (2), Sorrentino (1), Praznik (-), Abrao (2)

Five-minute periods: 1-1, 5-4, 9-7, 11-11, 12-12, 17-15 (half-time), 20-18, 24-21, 28-23, 31-25, 34-27, 35-30 (final)

Referees: Dueñas and Pérez

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