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Good track in League (35-22)

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19.10.2010 21:39

Good track in League (35-22)

Llorenç Tarrés

Barça Borges are still top of the Asobal after easily beating Conca. Pascual’s side has improved considerably of late and are looking confident as the international break approaches.

Barça dominated against a side that tried but failed to contain them. Saric was excellent in goal, and Rocas and Juanín scored two apiece in the seventh Asobal win in a row, which means they stay top of the table.

Exchange of goals

2010-10-19_FCB_BORGES_-_CUENCA_2016_008.JPGConca did their best to hold off the Barça Borges onslaught, but soon conceded two early goals – meaning the home side would lead from start to finish. But Conca managed to weather the storm early on, with Dacosta and Jorge Luis Pavan scoring most of the goals that kept them in touch.

Breaking away

2010-10-19_FCB_BORGES_-_CUENCA_2016_002.JPGBut when Barça put their feet on the gas, there was no stopping them. An inspired Juanín scored 5 goals in the first half hour and a gap soon emerged at 9-5 and then 12-7. However, with Jernemyr sin binned twice, the visitors were able to claw their way back into a game that was going out of their control. But Conca 2016 never really looked like troubling their hosts, and by half time it was 18-13, with Rutenka ending the half with his fourth goal.

All decided early doors

In the second half, Zupo Equisoain’s players were clearly struggling to maintain the pace. Juanín, Rocas and Nagy were all too much for them and by the 45 minutes mark, the 10 goal barrier had been passed at 26-16, with Saric having made 17 saves by that point. It was all over, and both teams clearly preferred to relax ahead of future commitments. Barça face a tricky trip to Fraikin Granollers on Sunday, and Pacual will need to get the best out of his men for the Catalan derby.
Good track in League (35-22)
Match stats
CONCA 2016, 22

FC Barcelona (18+17):
Saric, Rocas (7), Igropulo (4). Nagy (4), Jernemyr, Juanín (7), Sorhaindo (2) –starting seven-, Noddesbo (1), Entrerríos, Dani Sarmiento (2), Rutenka (4), Ugalde (2), Iker Romero (2) y Sjöstrand.

Conca 2016 (13+9): Kappelin, Corzo (4), Sabonis (4), Rafa López (1), Mendoza (1), Dacosta (6), Pavan (1) – starting seven -, Gamuz (1), Ivankovic (2), Arias (2), Markovic, Grosas, Hugo, Pedro i De Hita.

5 minute periods: 3-2, 6-5, 9-6, 13-8, 15-10, 18-13 (half time), 22-15, 23-16, 26-16, 28-18, 31-20, and 35-22 (final)

Referees: Ballano Dueñas and Belloso.

Court: Palau Blaugrana.

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