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17.10.2009 18:31

Flood of goals and basic win (46-36)

Jordi Clos

Barça Borges beat Kolding in the third Champions League handball match. Rutenka scored 12 as the side set a new record for scoring in this season’s edition.

No mistakes were made against Kolding of Denmark as Xavi Pascual went six ahead in the first half. With veteran Mateo Garralda at the helm, the Danes kept in touch for most of the second half, but a Barça win never looked in doubt.

Concentration the key

2009-10-17_FCB_BORGES_-_KIF_KOLDING_011.JPGAfter losing to Kiel last week, nothing but a win would do against the unbeaten Kolding. Barça raced to a 9-5 lead, Oneto in the centre and Rutenka brilliant with penalties. Not even the last minute loss of Nagy upset Barça Borges, but there were worrying signs when the Danes found it so easy at times to score past Barrufet.

Staying ahead

2009-10-17_FCB_BORGES_-_KIF_KOLDING_032.JPGIt was 16-10 by the 22nd minute. Kolding then bounced back with some strong counters (20-18), while at the break it stood at 23-19. Víctor Tomàs had the honour of scoring Barça’s 6,000th goal in the European Cup.

Making history

Karlsson spearheaded the visitors back into contention (26-24), whereupon Rutenka responded to put Barça five up again (29-24, min 40). Goals were exchanged before Barça Borges crept further ahead (36-29). And from there on it was goals galore as Barça broke the season’s best and eventually claimed the two points with a 46-36 win.
Flood of goals and basic win (46-36)

FC Barcelona Borges (23+23): Barrufet, García (1), Garabaya (-), Boldsen (-), Rocas (4), Oneto (4), Igropulo (5) - seven starting - Noddesbo (2), Tomás (7), Sarmiento (1), Saric, Ugalde (5), Romero (-), Jernemyr (-), Rutenka (12), Hansen (4)

KIF Kolding (19+17): Erevik, Karlsson (12), Toromanovic (5), Spellerberg (4), Sondergaard (6), Jensen (2) - seven starting- Garralda (-), Toft Hansen (-), Schnuchel (6), Nesbit (-), Mikkelsen (1), Petersen, Pedersen (-), Nicholaisen (-)

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