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14.10.2009 22:36

Hard worked win from start to finish (21-22)


FC Barcelona Borges won away to Antequera 2010. The score was 21-22, reflecting the difficulty Barça faced in coming away from Malaga with both points.

Barça won their Asobal fixture in Malaga, but it was not easy. There was little to pick between the two sides, and Cristian Ugalde, as he did last year, scored the last gasp winner.

Five exclusions

FC Barcelona Borges suffered five exclusions in the first half, Rubén Garabaya twice. Numerical inferiority hurt, and by the 23rd minute, following a 0-4 streak, Barça were 6-10 up, but when Joachim Boldsen went into the sin bin, Antequera were back in it at 10-12.

Getting tricky

The second half saw the situation turn critical. Rafael Baena González tied affairs on 16-16, and the Antequera morale was given a major boost. With Mikkel Hansen and Víctor Tomás having gone off for two minutes each, then Marco Antonio Oneto faced the same fate, and the Andalusians seized the moment to go 20-19.

FC Barcelona Borges then found a spirited response, scoring three to no reply. Two goals from Víctor Tomás and Cristian Ugalde finally handed Barça the win in the final play in Malaga.
Hard worked win from start to finish (21-22)
ANTEQUERA 2010, 21

Antequera 2010, 21 (10+11):
Jorge Martínez, Schulz, Pérez Canca, Trivundza (1), Obradovic (4), Baena (2), Alexis (4) –seven starting–, Andersson, Soto (3), Moya, Curkovic, Luis Felipe, Ramos (1) and Cid (6).

FC Barcelona Borges, 22 (12+10): Saric, Tomás (4), Garabaya, Boldsen, Oneto (4), Ugalde (3), Igropulo (1)–seven starting–, Barrufet (p.s.), Sarmiento (2), Iker Romero, Rutenka (4, 3p.), Hansen (3), Rocas (1) and Juanín.

Referees: Fuertes y Martín García. Excluyeron a Curkovic, Trivundza (3, roja m. 38), Alexis, Tomás, Garabaya (2), Ugalde, Iker Romero, Boldsen, Hansen y Oneto (2).

Parcials: 1-1, 3-4, 4-6, 6-8, 6-10, 10-12; 11-13, 12-15, 15-16, 18-19, 20-20, 21-22.

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