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01.10.2008 21:36

Comfortable victory (36-21)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges have beaten Tabisam Torrevieja in an enjoyable encounter that saw the hosts show that they were the stronger side from the start. The Blaugrana were able to record a win without many complications.

The game began with Barça racing in to a five-goal lead as the away side were unable to organise themselves and they never looked back as they continued to control proceedings from then on. While the Blaugrana added to their scoreline, the visitors’ form did not pick up. The defence and goalkeeper played well and the hosts were strong on the counter throughout. Special mention must go to debutant Oualid Ben Amor who came on after 23 minutes..

Con rotundidad

QM3D0199.jpgIn five minutes there were five goals and that was how the first period ended for Barça as they keep it tight at the back and impressed going forward leaving Torrevieja to try and pull themselves back into it. Albert Rocas benefited from the visitors’ nerves as he led Barça’s counter-attacks and also Jesper Noddesbo had a good game as they drove the team forward to lead 17-7 at the break.

No change of dynamic

QM3D0144.jpgChanges were made to the side after the interval but the dynamic was not altered and Noddesbo showed no mercy to the away team. The Dane showed just how good he is with a shot moments after the restart to test the keeper. Juanín García also went on before Cristian Ugalde scored the goal that gave Barça their biggest advantage of the match, 33-14. In the end, the visitors did lift themselves to addto their tally, but the game was always going to be won by Barça.
Comfortable victory (36-21)

FC Barcelona Borges (17+19): Kasper, Nagy (3), Rocas (6,2p), Noddesbo (10), Boldsen (2), Ugalde (2), Jernemyr, starting seven, Garabaya (-), Víctor Tomás (4,1p), Hansen (3), Lozano (2), Ben Amor (-) y Juanín García (4).

Tabisam Torrevieja (7+14): Pejanovic , Andersson (1), Gurbindo (3), Vieyra (1), Pellitero (4,1p), Val (-), Madsen, starting seven, Simonet (-), Bach (5), Gómez, Rochel (3,1p), Hansen (-), Ancizu (3,3p) y López (1).

Periods: 5-0, 7-3, 11-5, 13-6, 13-7, 17-7 (half-time), 21-8, 26-10, 28-12, 31-14, 34-16 y 36-21 (final).

Referees: Bustamante López, Rodríguez Rodríguez.

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