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25.04.2009 21:28

Victory keeps league title open (27-33)

Verònica Díez

Barça have won again in the Asobal league, this time against Logroño. A partial 1-8 score in the first half gave Barça the game, and they stay just two points away from the league leaders.

The first 20 minutes of the game Barça were dominated by Naturhouse La Rioja, but then the defensive changes made by Barça surprised the home side, who were only able to score one goal in ten minutes. At half time Barça led 13-18, and in the second half they stood their ground despite seven expulsions.

Early difficulties

Logroño started strongly and by the ninth minute they were leading 8-4. Barça looked ill at ease, but they still managed to get a partial 0-3 to bring the score back to 8-7.

The Blaugranes react

After time-out in the 15th minute, Barça Borges began to react when Pascual successfully changed his team’s tactics. Laslo Nagy brought the score to 12-12, and then Cristian Ugalde put Barça ahead for the first time, then a 1-8 partial score made it 13-18 at the break. Barça’s key players in the first half had been Albert Rocas and David Barrufet.

Under control

In the second half, FC Barcelona stood their ground, except for one period when Logroño got four consecutive goals (22-24) and Barça had four expulsions. Barça’s frontline and pivot Marco Antonio Oneto were the perfect combination to make up for any numerical disadvantage, and the game finished 27-33.
Victory keeps league title open (27-33)

Naturhouse La Rioja (13+14): Aguinagalde (p), Gedeón (3), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Vigo (3), Paulovic (1), Stojanovic (9, 2 p), Guardiola (5), starting seven, Parra, Romero (1), Belaustegui, Baskin (2) and Amargant (1).

FC Barcelona Borges (18+15): Kasper (p), García, Tomás (3), Garabaya (1), Jernemyr, Boldsen (3), Mikkel (5), starting seven Barrufet (ps), Lozano (2), Ugalde (2), Romero (3), Nagy (5), Rocas (4) and Oneto (5).

Partials: 4-2, 8-5, 10-8, 12-11, 12-14, 13-18; 16-20, 19-24, 22-24, 24-27, 27-30, 27-33.

Árbitros: Ramón Fernández y Roberto González.

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