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23.05.2008 23:45

Out, but with heads held high (2-3)

Cristina Collado

Barça Senseit has been knocked out of the semi-finals in the play-offs after going down against Interviú Fadesa in a game that Barça totally dominated. Interviú Fadesa’s five-man attack proved decisive in the end.

The atmosphere this Friday in the Palau was once again incredible with 4,000 fans cheering on the side in this important game. The club gave away a thousand commemorative T-shirts and each fan received a set of clappers which upped the noise level even more. Plus the ‘Dracs’ supporters group put up a banner reading “With this team, this support and some balls… we’re bound to win!”.

All guns blazing

As the team had been promising all week, they were determined to put on a very different display to the one in the first match. Right from the whistle they came out all guns blazing with Igor testing Luís Amado with a shot from the left followed immediately afterwards by another strike from Chico. Interviú’s response came from Marquinho who took his side’s first shot at goal which Paco dealt with easily.

Constant pressure upfront and solid defence by Barça meant that the Madrid outfit had very few attacking chances. The few they did create almost always came on the break, such as the one after a free-kick taken by PC when Jordi Torras stormed up court and was one-on-one with Paco Sedano who managed to save.

Fernandao comes on

Five minutes into the game Fernandao came on. His understanding with fellow Brazilian Igor created more danger around the visitors’ goal but international custodian Luís Amado managed to keep them out. At the other end Paco Sedano was also making some fine saves. Andreu Linares had two good chances for his side, one from each side, but the Barça keeper was up to the challenge both times.

Barça Senseit upped the pressure once more. Fernandao lofted the ball into the area for Dani Fernández whose shot was pushed aside by Luís Amado. A short while later Igor dribbled around an opponent and was through on goal only for the Madrid keeper to take the ball off his toes.

Goal that never was

Barça Senseit had two clear chances before the break. In the first, Igor laid off the ball for Dani Fernández who appeared to drag both the ball and his body into the goal, only for the referee to disallow the goal on the grounds the goal had moved and the ball hadn’t crossed the line. Shortly afterwards, virtually the same incident was repeated by Chico and Fran Serrano with the goal moving a few inches but the ball staying out.

Magnificent Barça

After the restart the game continued to be dominated by Barça Senseit. After six minutes the Catalans scored their first goal, as Dani Fernández spotted Luís Amado was off his line and fired home from his own half. Interviú had a good chance to equalise, as first Dimas’s cross shot from the left was parried away before Gabriel picked up the rebound only to see his first effort saved by Sedano and his second hit the post.

Barça Senseit’s second came immediately afterwards, with Pedrinho firing home from the spot after Dani Fernández had won the penalty. The Catalans could have added a third, but Dani Fernández saw his shot from the second penalty mark come back off the inside of the right-hand post.

Schumi and Chico as goalkeeper/outfield player

With 6 minutes and 45 seconds left to go, Schumcher came on as a goalkeeper/outfield player and in a five-man attack the Madrid outfit pulled back to equalise with two goals from ex-Barça player Jordi Torras. With Luís Amado between the sticks, first Gabriel hit the crossbar and then Joan Linares put his side in front.

Now one goal down, Barça Senseit opted to play with Chico as goalkeeper/outfield player. Dani Fernández again had a chance from the second penalty mark but once again he hit the post. Right up until the final seconds Barça had chances to equalise but the ball wouldn’t go in and they ended up being knocked out of the play-offs.
Out, but with heads held high (2-3)

FC Barcelona Senseit: Paco Sedano, PC, Chico, Javi Rodríguez and Igor –starting five-, Fran, Dani Fernández, Fernandao, Pedrinho

Interviú Fadesa: Luís Amado, Gabriel, Jordi Torras, Marquinho and Schumacher –starting five-, Andreu, Joan, Rogerio, Dimas

Goals: 1-0, Dani Fernández (26’); 2-0, Pedrinho (28’); 2-1, Jordi Torras (34’); 2-2, Jordi Torras (34’); 2-3, Joan Linares (37’)

Referees: Felipe Madorrán and Gereta Ramírez

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