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"We did everything we could to win"

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22.10.2011 23:59

Guardiola: "We did everything we could to win"

Vanessa Forns

Guardiola said that, against Sevilla, Barça "did everything possible to win" and "tried in every way we could". At the same time he wanted to highlight "the great defensive work" of the Andalusian team.

Bartomeu: The main star was their goalkeeper

The vice president noted that, although Barça played "really well" for the whole game on Saturday, they came up against what he considers "the main star" of the match, the Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas, who "saved everything". Bartomeu considered that, watching the 90 minutes, the team managed by Pep Guardiola "deserved to win". At the same time, he emphasised that games like these show that "the League is very long" and that "it’s not between two teams, because there other really tough opponents”. He added: "We have the ambition, the good football is there, and we all have confidence in this team".

Xavi Hernandez played, this Saturday, his 391st match in the League with Barca, equalling the record that Migueli held up to now. In this sense, Bartomeu said that "that’s a lot of matches, and I think there are a lot more to come". In the same vein, he said that Xavi "is already a legend and he’s still got lots of games left in him".

Barça did everything possible to try to take all three points at the Camp Nou, but came up against Sevilla’s great defensive work, and the excellent performance of goalkeeper Javi Varas, who saved a penalty in injury time. However, Josep Guardiola was pleased how his players performed, thanked them for all their efforts, and considered that they were in "control" and "generated lots of chances………it's always tough, as was the case this Saturday, but I feel that once again we were recognizable as a team” he added.

Javi Varas, flawless

Without doubt, the Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas, with his saves, was the star of the night. In this sense, Guardiola highlighted both the Sevilla defence, and the role of the goalkeeper on the pitch: "We should highlight Sevilla’s defensive effort. It shows that goalkeepers also play, and Javi Varas should be congratulated on how well he played".

Messi’s courage

In stoppage time, Iniesta forced the first penalty of the season for Barça. Messi, despite the tense moments on the pitch before he could take it, stepped up, as the leader he is, to take the penalty that Varas saved. Guardiola wanted to praise Messi’s attitude: "He’s really strong mentally. It’s not easy to take a penalty under these conditions. I admire the courage he had to take the penalty, with his usual calmness".

Along the same lines, Guardiola referred to the standing ovation he received from the fans at the Camp Nou, despite not having converted the penalty: "We’re always right by his side, and he had another extraordinary game. His reliability is flawless. Only the great players have the courage to pick up the ball and shoot. This lad has given a lot of happiness to people, with moments of true glory. He’s done so many great things, and people don’t forget. He’s been the most decisive player in recent years. Undoubtedly, the cheers were a sign of what our people are about".

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