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Guardiola: "We put on a show"

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19.10.2011 23:59

Guardiola: "We put on a show"

Vanessa Forns

Guardiola highlighted the seriousness that his players showed on the pitch and believes they put on "a show" at the Camp Nou against Viktoria. At the same time, he suggested that Barça is playing at a "very high level".

Bartomeu: "Lots of chances and few goals"
The vice president noted that the match at the Camp Nou against Viktoria "wasn’t easy" and highlighted how the team led by Josep Guardiola was able to create "many chances" but in the end scored "few goals". In this sense, Bartomeu insisted that despite the fact that the Czech team "were well organised" Barça had "lots of chances" to score.
He also considered that games like this at the Camp Nou "are key", and that the 3 points "give confidence" to the team. "The important thing is to qualify for the last 16 of the competition. Then, if we’re top of the group, even better" he added.
Visibly pleased with the 2-0 victory in the game, in the third match of the Champions League group stages, Josep Guardiola wished to congratulate his players "because they took it very seriously". Guardiola believed the game played at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night will be "very good" for the team in preparation for the next game "because we’ve been warned, and that's a good sign".

With the score at 1-0, and despite numerous goal chances created, it wasn’t until the 82nd minute when Barça scored the second. "The most difficult thing in football is to put it into the net. Scoring goals is the hardest thing there is. We tried, and we had lots of shots on goal. The goal from David sealed the match. Then, we had more control and lots more chances" he said.

Messi’s level

When asked about the fact that, despite his efforts, on this occasion Messi didn’t score, the manager reflected: "We’ve managed to make it news when Messi didn’t score. Just imagine the level he’s at. Hopefully he’ll play at that level for many, many years".

Tonight was the fifth consecutive game that Victor Valdes hadn’t conceded a goal. "This is a consequence of the fact that we are all working to make it happen" said Guardiola, just before pointing out that "this time, they counter-attacked a lot in the first half".

Praise for Iniesta

Talking about the first goalscorer, Andres Iniesta, Guardiola only had praise: "You already know that when he’s in good shape he’s unique, he works hard, he scores more goals than you think, and he breaks down defences, which is so important to us. He’s come back really well from his injury. Last year he was vital for us, and now we hope he will be just as important. For our part, we’ll try to take care of him and make sure he’s okay".

Cuenca’s debut

As for the debut of Isaac Cuenca, Guardiola highlighted how the player "has left and returned three times, and that says a lot about him". He added: "He’s very brave and disciplined. I saw him play really well with the reserves against Guadalajara. I'm very happy with him, he has something really important and that’s his mental strength".

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