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Valdés: “We need to pick ourselves up quickly”

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13.09.2011 23:28

Valdés: “We need to pick ourselves up quickly”

The FC Barcelona goalkeeper knows there is no time for lamentations, because “the season has only just started … we have to analyse and learn from our mistakes.”

The Liga and Champions League have only just started, and Víctor Valdés doesn’t think there is any cause for alarm. “It was not a result we liked and the draw certainly came as a disappointment” he said after the game with Milan. “We need to learn and even more so in dead ball situations. We have to analyse and learn from our mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again”.

Regrouping quickly

Football never stops, and Valdés said “we need to pick ourselves up quickly because we have a league match to come. This has only just started”. Barça’s fixture on Saturday at 8.00 at the Camp Nou is against Osasuna

Sad for Iniesta

Valdés was also sorry about what had happened to his friend and colleague Andrés Iniesta, saying “it was the worst news of the day. It was nasty shock but I hope he recovers as quickly as possible”.

The following are other comments made by the players:


“Getting there is hard but it’s even more difficult to stay there because everybody wants to beat us.”

David Villa

“The teams suffers a lot when we draw or lose and we’re all upset today.”

“We deserved to win but it wasn’t to be.”

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