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Guardiola pleased with Super Cup show

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21.08.2010 23:59

Guardiola pleased with Super Cup show

Vanessa Forns

Pep Guardiola was delighted with his players' effort and application as they turned the Spanish Super Cup tie around on Saturday evening to win the trophy with an emphatic 4-0 win against Sevilla.

The Blaugrana coach felt that his side won because of how well they played in what proved to be hot and humid conditions in front of a busy home crowd.

SHeat and humidity

2010-08-21_PARTIDO_16.JPG"They are physically and mentally strong and very intelligent," Guardiola said of his players. "It is unusual that in this heat and humidity they have done so well against a side that are in the Champions League. What was even more important was the way we played and each one made themselves available. We are very pleased to have won the first trophy of the year."

Strong defence

One of the keys to the win was a strong defensive display. "When a team ensures that their opponents cannot strong together more than three or four passes then they have to play very well," the trainer continued. "Today everyone worked very hard towards that. I think that Sevilla did not have a shot and the team's effort deserves merit."

Sevilla quality

"If we have won it is because we played well," Guardiola commented when asked about Sevilla. "Sevilla are never weak and are a great team with a great coach. The thing is that we have played well and generated a performance that made things difficult for our opponents."

Important win

2010-08-21_PARTIDO_13.JPGAfter dedicating the trophy to his squad Guardiola added: "It goes especially to those that did not play today. We still have a lot of work to do. We are not at our best yet, but what is more important is to win the trophy in order to lift our morale."

Youth stars

On the subject of new signings Guardiola explained: "There are always players left out that deserve to play. We want to have few players and try to give them all games. With the ones we have more than a hypothetical new signing we have players from the youth ranks who we can step up."

Maxwell compliment

"Maxwell is one of the best signings we have made in recent seasons," the coach added. "He is generous, Goes forward well and defends superbly. He can play in various positions and always has an excellent attitude."
Guardiola pleased with Super Cup show

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Villa praise
David Villa made his debut for Barça and coach Pep Guardiola was pleased. "He is intelligent and prepared," he said. "He set things up, is direct in front of goal and can play both in the middle and out wide."

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