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Villa: “The league’s not won yet”

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04.04.2011 14:48

Villa: “The league’s not won yet”

Roger Bogunyà

David Villa insisted today that the eight point lead over Madrid “doesn’t mean the league is already won – it’s a big difference, but we can’t start thinking we’re champions just yet”.

Villa: “The league’s not won yet”

Praise for Youth B team gesture
Villa also commented on the Youth B team’s attitude this weekend, when they gave a free goal to their opponents after scoring whilst their keeper was injured: “it’s one of the good values the Club hammers into the kids – that’s what this Club is like. It was a very nice gesture and something that should be heeded and repeated in many sporting areas”. “Even in a Barça-Madrid game? “ he was asked, “Yes, why not?”
No team have ever lost an eight point lead in La Liga with just eight games to go, but Villa remains cautious: “we have to be realistic and accept that we are in a great position, but it would be a mistake to see ourselves the champions already. Right now the league is ours to lose”.

Aim to win the next eight

2011-04-04_ENTRENAMIENTO_FCB_009.jpgThe Spanish striker was also adamant that the team’s objectives for the rest of the season involve winning the remaining eight games: “although we have that lead, we have to keep taking points, winning games and our attitude is that we want to win all the games that are left. If other teams help us and take points off Madrid, that’s even better”.

Happy for Sporting

Villa was doubly happy with this weekend’s results, explaining: “I’ve never hidden my support for Sporting and it was an important win for them that helps to lift them out of the relegation whilst opening up the gap between us and Madrid”.

Focus switches to Champions

2010-09-14_PARTIDO_01.JPGNow the team have to turn their attention to the Champions League and Villa explained: “when you come into a game after losing or drawing, everyone knows you have to put it behind you and concentrate on the next match, but the same thing holds true if you’ve just won. Now we have to try and play well, win and get a good result for the second leg”. Villa also spoke of his excitement at the opportunity to make the Champions League semi finals – something he never managed with Valencia.

Stay calm and work hard!

It’s been six games without a goal for Villa, but although he’s not used to such long periods without scoring, he insisted on the need for stay calm and work hard: “you always get a bit worried when you aren’t scoring, but you have to stay calm. I know it’s been a while since I’ve scored, but the only way to put that behind me is to work hard in training and on the pitch”.

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