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09.08.2009 06:12

Txiki: “It is hard to improve on the treble winning squad”


Txiki Begiristain has spoken about potential new signings over the next few weeks, and admitted that “it is hard to better the treble winning squad”.

On his last day in the USA, the director of football spoke about the transfer market and the possibility of further signings. “There is a chance we could sign somebody. It’s a difficult situation. It is difficult to improve upon what we have, that’s true. It is hard to better the treble winning squad, because sometimes there are difficulties managing the way things can be done.”

Managing the squad

Txiki Begiristain said the club does have the money to sign, but that the type of player is a more important factor than the price. “If any players come it has to be because they can improve on the squad we have. That’s difficult. And it has to be something easy to manage … we always aim for any new arrival to be compatible with the way the manager works with his squad. If it could create problems, we won’t sign anybody. Pep’s opinion is fundamental here.”

Pleased with youth players

2009-07-29_EQUIPO_02.jpgHe also said that “we have the fortune of our youth policy working so well”. The youngsters have done brilliantly in the US. “Muniesa, Fontàs, Jonathan... they are having a great preseason. They are once again showing how extraordinary the youth structure is. Also it is easier for local players to adapt to things than it is for those that come from elsewhere. We should take advantage of that. I think they are more than likely to play a role.”

And Cesc?

Asked about any potential interest in Arsenal’s Cesc Fàbregas, he said “I wouldn’t count out any of the players we like and that we believe can improve.” But he said he had not spoken to Arsenal about a possible transfer, and added “if we think the price is too high, we won’t make a move”.

Chygrinskyi “is a very good option”

Another player the press have been mentioning in association to FC Barcelona is Ukrainian centre back Chygrinskyi. “He is a very good option, but he must have his price. We have tried and will continue to try, but only if we consider the price reasonable, otherwise we won’t make an offer”.

Positions of interest

But it is not only centre backs that he is looking into. “There are a lot of options. It could be a striker, a defensive midfielder, a centre back or a full back. We can always play ‘Puyi' at full back, although he is a natural centre back. We will look into the best options and what the market has to offer. We have to improve on what we have, but I still feel confident about the squad we have and the young players coming through.”
Txiki: “It is hard to improve on the treble winning squad”

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Sorrow over Jarque
When Txiki Begiristain faced the media, he also spoke about the death of Espanyol captain Jarque: “It is terrible news for football, but especially for Espanyol and the player’s family. I want to send a massive hug to the people he has left behind, his girlfriend, family, team mates and family in general. I hope they feel better as quickly as possible.”

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