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08.08.2009 12:15

Barça’s Brazilian connection

Berta Brau / David Saura (enviats especials)

Daniel Alves, Maxwell and Henrique are FC Barcelona's Brazilian stars for the 2009/10 season and the trip to the United States is allowing them know more about each other.

Whether it be for the outstanding ability, the world famous names or simply that Barça attracts the best players from there, the links between the South American country and the Blaugrana are strong. This season there will again be a trio of Brazilians to follow on from the most recent of their compatriots at Camp Nou in Sylvinho, Ronaldinho, Edmílson and Juliano Belletti. The fact that they all speak the same language and have met before means that they are spending a lot of time together in America.

Past encounters

2009-08-03_HENRIQUEx_ALVESx_MAWELL_02.jpgAfter just one year with Barça, Alves is already seen as a key player and the veteran of the Brazilian players. "We know each well though as I played with Maxwell in the Brazil youth teams and with Henrique in the full squad," Alves explained. "The adaptation for them is something new, but football speaks the same language. The squad is great and everyone is friends so they will have no problem. For a Brazilian this is the best possible place.

Alves recognised that his two compatriots live a calmer life than he does, but thinks that they will soon begin to become the same as him. "They are quite calm now, but that will change slowly but surely," he explained.

The new boys

Analysing the Brazilians on a playing level, Alves spoke about Maxwell first. "He is a typical Brazilian full-back with his quality and he knows all a out European football." Henrique though is slightly different: "For him it is a big change. We have to give him time. He has a lot of quality and will help us."

Henrique fitting in

Henrique will be 23 in October and he admitted that he did not expect to fit in straight away at Barça after his loan spell with Bayer Leverkusen. "It has been very good since day one," he said. "I thought that it would be more complicated, but it has been completely the opposite. I have been very well received." The defender hopes that he can now focus on playing. "It is easier to find an understanding on the pitch now too," he added. Asked about Alves, he stated: "He is very funny and always smiling."

Maxwell praise

2009-08-03_ALVESx_MAXWELL_01.jpgAlves also earned praise from Maxwell: "He always explains little things to us that we do not understand and is there when we want to ask him things," he stated. "Sometimes it is during training on the pitch or with how things are done within the club." The former Inter full-back believes that he is over the excitement of making his debut for the club and is picking up things all the time. "I want to continue to learn and to know what the coach wants us all to do during games," he commented.

Having played with him at Inter, Maxwell knows Zlatan Ibrahimovic well and what he will bring to Pep Guardiola's team. "Barça have always had great players and big names throughout their history," he said. "All Brazilians admire the way that Barça play and because of the amount of Brazilians that the club have had."
Barça’s Brazilian connection
Musical tastes
Daniel Alves has never hidden his love of music and the sounds from Brazil in particular, but he is not so sure about his compatriots’ tastes. "I have heard some of the songs that they have on their mp3 players and they do not have a lot of rhythm. They like other things apart from the samba. We are Brazilians, but we do not all have the same tastes," he said, before laughing loudly.

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