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08.08.2009 14:20

“Most coaches would like this squad”

David Saura (enviat especial)

Pep Guardiola believes that FC Barcelona are well equipped to confront all the challenges that lie ahead for the team in the new season with the squad that he has at his disposal.

The Blaugrana coach was not keen to talk about any more new signings, but revealed how happy he is with the current players he has. "We have a competitive squad and one that 99 per cent of coaches around the world would like to have," he stated. "It would be presumptuous to say that I am not pleased with what I have. We will be very competitive."

The keys to success

rp_pep_WEB_02.jpgTo maintain the same level of performance that they enjoyed last term, the coach believes that the team needs to continue showing humility and to have the same collective spirit. "We will try to instil in the players that they have to have faith in their team-mates to play better and to be united. We know that they have the talent already," he explained.

"The players are people with feelings and with ability out on the pitch," Guardiola continued. "The most important thing is that if problems arise then they have to be solved. That is all I can ask them to do."

Defensive improvements

rp_pep_WEB_03.jpgLooking at the team as a whole, the coach was keen to talk about the improvements he felt were made during the win against Seattle Sounders: "In the first game against Los Angeles the defence behaved like individuals and they were too far from the forwards," he stated. "If they are more together then they do not need to make such an effort and leave less space between themselves and the midfield. In Seattle we created numerous chances and ensured that the other team did not have many opportunities."

Mexican style

chivasfcb1.jpgAgainst Chivas de Guadalajara the team will have another chance to show how they are progressing in pre-season. "Mexican teams like to touch the ball a lot and are they can be daring," Guardiola conitnued. "They play with five at the back and are not as direct as the Americans. This game will serve us will to solve some small defensive issues that we can have against team like this. Besides, in the Intercontinental we will play against Atlas, who have a similar style."

Rafa Márquez' injury means that he could miss Maxico's international in midweek, but the nationall association are said to be unhappy about the situation, but Guardiola has yet to find out the details. "I have not spoken to him about this," he added.
“Most coaches would like this squad”

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Messi is the best
Pep Guardiola attended the conference with Lionel Messi and was in jovial mood as a reporter asked the Argentinian player if he felt he was still the best player at FC Barcelona following the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "Of course," interjected the coach before Messi could answer. The player himself was as modest as always when he added: "I have never felt like a great star, I am just another player. I will continue like I always do."

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