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05.08.2009 21:48

Iniesta almost back to full fitness

David Saura (special correspondent)

Andrés Iniesta is almost back to full fitness after his muscle injury. He is combining work on the training pitch and in the gym to make sure he can get back with his teammates as soon as possible.

So far Andrés Iniesta has had a different tour to his fellow players, doing special strength and stamina exercises on the pitch and in the gym. The aim is for him to make a full recovery from the muscle tear he picked up in Rome and which kept him out of the Confederations Cup.

No haste

2009-08-05_INIESTA_11.jpgHe was a key player in last season’s triumphs but Pep Guardiola knows he won’t be able to count on him until after the tour.

Nearly back

However, Iniesta is almost ready to rejoin normal training with his teammates and this might happen before the end of the tour.

Until then Andrés Iniesta has a different daily routine to the rest of the team. In Seattle he turns up at Washington University and goes to the gym with the club’s fitness coaches.

Varied work

2009-08-05_INIESTA_01.jpgIn the gym Iniesta does exercises to recover from his muscle injury together with work on knees and ankles to increase his stability. He also does squats to turn strength into speed and exercises to build upper body strength.
Iniesta almost back to full fitness

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On his return from holiday Andrés Iniesta picked up a virus which caused him to lose weight and muscle. This meant his recovery process, which had just about been completed, had to be interrupted as he was physically weakened. The work being done now is more the outcome of the delay caused by the virus than its impact on the player’s body.

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