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04.08.2009 11:29

“Cylinder of Hope” presented in Seattle

David Saura (special correspondent)

The North American artist Dale Chihuly has created a striking glass cylinder titled ‘Cilindre d’esperança’ - “Cylinder of Hope” to commemorate the Barca trip to Seattle, which will be auctioned off to raise money for charity.

There is a presentation event for very game on the Tour where Pep Guardiola and a couple of players face the usual press conference given for the many Catalan media who follow the team as well as local press and a host of Latin American, many Mexican, journalists.

Piece unveiled

This usual routine was broken in Seattle however, where local artist and Sounders fan Dale Chihuly’s commemorative piece was unveiled. Chihuly has created a striking silvered Cylinder emblazoned with the Barcelona team insignia. The hand-blown sculpture reflects the goodwill, hope and unity that the UNICEF benefit and the Barcelona Foundation projects set up since 2006 represent.

On-line auction

The money raised from the auction of the piece will be split equally between UNICEF and the Fundació for their continuing work against AIDs. The auction is open until 31st August and can be followed on-line at the MLS website

The presentation also served to project the club’s solidarity work and to publicise the work of the Fundació with UNICEF. Marta Segú, the Fundació Director General, gave a brief run through of the work being done and thanked Chihuly for his “generous gesture”.
“Cylinder of Hope” presented in Seattle
Team lend their support
During the press conference, both Tierry Henry and Xavi Hernández gave their support to the club’s social work: “this is a demonstration of the commitment this club has, on and off the field. FC Barcelona’s implication in campaigns like this explains what the phrase ‘més que un club’ is all about”, explained the French striker.

For his part, Pep Guardiola claimed it was “a proud honour that Barca contribute to helping improve people’s lives “.

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