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03.08.2009 13:14

Ferrer: "Companies take an interest in Barça"

Berta Brau (enviada especial) / Marc Parramon

Jaume Ferrer, vice president for marketing of FC Barcelona, has spoken about the tour in a strategic sense, describing it as “a possibility to establish contacts with companies” and “to place Barça in a global position”.

Midway through their American tour, FC Barcelona have had a number of opportunities to demonstrate the success of this visit to the United States. The public furore surrounding the club has also generated commercial interest in Barça.

Contact with major companies

Jaume Ferrer stated that “sporting success has a big influence on the interest companies show in Barça”. Therefore, FC Barcelona is able to take advantage of the situation to create links with some of the biggest companies located in the United States. “On this tour we have held several meetings with some very important company directors. Some of them are looking to settle forms of sponsoring FC Barcelona this very year” said Ferrer.

Global positioning

A21_COPIA.jpgThe United States had become a major target area for FC Barcelona, to the extent that the club even has a marketing team based in New York. “We know that a large part of the club’s growth in recent years has been because of the international market, so we are working hard to put the brand in a global position” commented Ferrer.

American and Asian markets

Ferrer admits that FC Barcelona are back in the USA because “after the treble and thanks to the interest in MLS, the American market offers high expectations and we have been able to charge as much for games as we did in Asia.” He also said that FC Barcelona will probably alternate their tours between America and Asia, a place he is sure “we will return”.
Ferrer: “Companies take an interest in Barça“

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Collaboration with MLS
Jaume Ferrer values the collaboration with MLS very highly. “We are very satisfied with the agreement, which has improved economically. This has led to the games we are playing here and we will continue to work on increasing our presence in the USA.” The work has proven highly successful, to the extent another game has been arranged at the last minute in San Francisco.

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