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01.08.2009 11:31

“Barca’s social commitment is an inspiration”

Berta Brau / David Saura (enviats especials)

Timothy J. Leiweke, President and director general of the AEG multinational and owner of LA Galaxy is a great admirer pf Barca’s social commitment and explained. “Barca’s way of doing things is an inspiration for us”.

Tim Leiweke is an industry leader in the entertainment and sports business in The United States. His Anschutz Entertainment Group controls a host of professional sports teams, including LA Galaxy and he expressed his admiration for Barca’s social commitment during the anti-malaria event organised in Los Angeles.

What role are AEG taking in the project against Malaria?

“We’ve been working with the Malaria No More Foundation through MLS for some years now, but we decided to take this opportunity to celebrate our work with the leadership of the best club in the world - FC Barcelona - and their support for UNICEF. We’re proud to be working with MLS and FC Barcelona and the Malaria No More campaign to try and rid the world of this disease”.

So, how do you think a club like Barca can help?

2009-07-31_LAPORTA_04.jpg“This Friday, Los Angeles Galaxy, AEG and MLS will be giving money in the name of FC Barcelona to the Malaria No More foundation and we’re doing this because we are inspired by the club’s solidarity with groups like UNICEF and No More Malaria. It’s an inspiration to see how one of the most important brands in the sporting world which is Barca, give part of their profits to a good cause like UNICEF to help improve the conditions of children living in terrible conditions. That inspires us and means that we want to make the most of our brand name, our platform and our teams to help kids around the world. They inspire us to do our own good works and initiatives”.

What steps are AEG taking in this project?

“We have the merchandising rights for the South Africa World Cup and we’re trying to use that to help the campaign. As well as that, LA Galaxy players Donovan and Beckham are also the image of the campaign. We’ll also be promoting the campaign in our tour at the end of the season and get some profit from that merchandising”.

Did you follow FC Barcelona last season ? What did you think of them?

“How could I not follow the most popular team in the world? Actually I’m a bit jealous. The Lakers only won one competition whilst Barca won three, so we’ll have to win the next two NBAs to match them. Barca are my favourite club. We have a number of offices in Europe and when I travel over there I always try and find a space to go and see them. Barca are the example we are trying to follow and we’d love to be like them one day. They are my favourite team in the world – except Galaxy of course!”
“Barca’s social commitment is an inspiration”

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