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31.07.2009 06:14

Squad takes humble approach

David Saura (enviat especial)

As the new season draws closer, Puyol and Alves both know that it is important not to let last year’s successes go to their heads.

“We won’t win anything if we aren’t humble.” Simple but direct. That’s Carles Puyol speaking in his first press conference of the season, part of the presentation of the game with LA Galaxy.

With the three trophies won last season on display, Puyol said it is important “to keep our feet on the ground” rather than make predictions about how many of the six potential titles they can win.

Alves: “It won’t be easy but we’ll give it a try”

Dani Alves, appearing alongside Carles Puyol, spoke with the kind of modesty that typified him last season. “We will try to keep the same level as last season. It won’t be easy but we’ll give it a try”

What losing means

2009-07-30_RUEDA_DE_PRENSA_PUYOL_02_COPIA.jpgPep Guardiola has always spoken about humility and his belief is infectious. The manager was also at the conference, and pointed out that there is such a word as ‘defeat’. “I will try to make them aware that they have to stay humble and realise that we can lose any game. You don’t win trebles if you aren’t humble. It won’t be easy to do it again. But it is also good to have big dreams.”

“Cups in the museum, not on the pitch”

Memories are still fresh of last season’s achievements, but Guardiola would rather nobody rested on their laurels. “We did some good things. But now we have to think why it was that we won three competitions. Talent is important, but the players’ desire is too. Cups are for the museum, not the pitch. We have to know how to win on the pitch.”
Squad takes humble approach
Loving the United States
Pep Guardiola is delighted that the squad are back in the States. He knows full well what tours like this can demand of the players, with promotional duties as well as training, for which reason the schedule has to be well planned in advance. And when asked what he feels about the organisation and the facilities, the FCB boss said he is constantly impressed by the way things are done in the USA.

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