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25.11.2009 19:25

Safe hands

Sandra Sarmiento

Barça and Real Madrid have two of the best defensive records in the first division thanks to the work of their two goalkeepers. Víctor Valdés and Iker Casillas have conceded just 8 goals in La Liga and are competing for the Zamora Trophy.

Between the two of them they have won 7 league titles, 4 Champions League titles and 2 Super Cups - among others. They are two of the best keepers in Europe and on Sunday they go head to head again. Valdés and Casillas.

Worth his weight in gold

2009-09-19_WEB_22.JPGValdés is the best goalkeeper for Barça. Nobody doubts that. A unanimous choice. People have nothing but praise for him. Excellent coming off the goal line he’s like another defender. He prevents goals before they happen. And his reading of the game is superb. He stays focussed and never disconnects from the action. And he has a very special virtue; extraordinary mental strength which comes to the fore when things are going well but above all when they’re going badly.

Casillas hits the 100 mark

The style of Real Madrid’s goalkeeper is diametrically opposed to that of Valdés. Iker Casillas attracts his defence into the goal area. But he’s exceptionally agile and has a tremendous ability to abort danger. He’s saved his team on numerous occasions and has become a memorable keeper. Against Zurich in the Champions League, Casillas will notch up his 100th match in Europe’s top club competition.

30 “clásicos”

QM3D1507.jpgThey are linchpins of their teams and used to playing high-tension games such as this weekend’s classic. For Valdés it will be his 13th Barça/Real Madrid, of which he has won 5. As for Iker Casillas, it will be his 19th match against Barça, of which he has won 7, drawn 5 and lost 6.
Foto: FCB y realmadrid.com
Foto: FCB y realmadrid.com
Zamora Trophy favours Valdés
Valdés has won the Zamora Trophy for the goalkeeper who concedes the fewest goals in the Spanish league on 2 occasions: 2005 and 2009. Meanwhile, Iker Casillas won the trophy in 2008.

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