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22.11.2009 14:35

Messi not counted out for Inter


Messi has a 1st degree injury in the adductor of his left thigh. But he may still be fit to play on Tuesday.

Extensive examinations were made of the player this morning, including various echographies and magnetic resonance. There are still further evaluations to be made before making a decision as to his availability for the game against Inter, as announced today by the Club Medical Services.

Ibrahimovic improving

An echography on the player has shown that his recovery from an ischiotibial injury is progressing well. Further evaluations will be made of the player over the next two days, and there is a strong possibility that he could even be ready in time for the match with Inter.

Touré, almost certainly out

The Medical Services have revealed that the player is still feeling very ill and is highly unlikely to be able to play on Tuesday.
Image: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Image: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Márquez, this afternoon
Tests this afternoon will reveal whether the Mexican is another case of influenza A.

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