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26.10.2009 13:32

Pinto: "I don’t need to prove myself"

Roger Bogunyà

José Manuel Pinto is a cautious man who rejects comparisons of all types and has a tremendous team spirit. Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s Cup clash, he told us: “I enjoy what I do. Training every day is a reward for me”.

The Cup looks set to be Pinto’s reserve, though he is quick to avoid being pigeon-holed: “I want to be ready for anything. I feel the Cup as mine as much as the league and the Champions League. I don’t think it’s anything special. I feel just as important in any competition”. He denies any need to catch the eye on Wednesday in Leon: “I’ve won the confidence of the group in training, not in matches”.

Favourites only on paper

2009-10-26_ENTRENO_18.JPGSpeaking at Monday morning’s press conference, Pinto admitted that Barça are favourites for Wednesday’s match: “In principle we are the favourites. But everything looks good on paper – you have to prove yourself on the pitch”.

He reminded the fans of the first tie in last season’s competition. Barça went through only after two narrow wins against another modest outfit, Benidorm. In Pinto’s opinion, they were two of the most complicated and evenly balanced matches of the season.

"The good football never went away"

2009-10-26_ENTRENO_41.JPGPinto was asked by reporters about the two matches against Valencia (0-0) and Kazan (1-2) and insisted that the team has never lost its way: “We didn’t forget how to play good football. It’s just that you can’t win every match”.

Valdés one of the best

Pinto plays his part as goalkeeping backup to first choice Victor Valdés impeccably and insists that it’s helping him to improve. “Being behind one of the best goalkeepers makes you try and get the best out of yourself”. However, despite defining Victor as one of the best in Spain, he declined to make comparisons with other keepers. As we said, Pinto is a cautious man who avoids controversy.
Photos: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Photos: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

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Cannonball Ibra
The defeat of Zaragoza (6-1) was full of good news for Barça fans and Ibrahimovic’s powerful free kick was one of the highlights: “What can I say about Ibra? The fact is when he arrived at the beginning of the pre-season I said I had rarely seen a shot like his. I said so and so did Víctor Valdés and Albert Jorquera. He’s got tremendous power. I don’t know if he’s got the most powerful shot but it’s certainly among the most powerful. He’ll score a lot more goals thank to this power”.

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