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22.10.2009 19:45

Charitable fines


The Barça first team has given everything that was paid in fines last season to the Fundación Sant Joan de Déu, who are researching the RETT syndrome.

Before training started today at the Ciudad Deportiva, the players and coaches met in the dressing rooms to donate the money collected from fines over the 2008/09 season to give to this noble cause.

What is Rett syndrome?

2009-10-22_RETT_42.JPGThis is a serious neurological disease that especially affects girls. Though not very well known, it is the second most common cause of mental disorders in girls after Downs Syndrome. 1 out of every 10,000 girls born alive suffer from it, and in Spain there are about 2,100 cases and 350 in Catalonia. There are believed to be around 300,000 sufferers in the world.

These girls appear to be born without any problems, but a genetic mutation follows that prevents them from having full control over their bodies. They lack autonomy, don’t speak, can’t use their hands, many can’t even walk, don’t understand, suffer epilepsy, scoliosis ...

'Creatures from another planet'

llibre.JPGBefore training, the players watched a video about Rett Syndrome and listened to the words of Elisabet Pedrosa, author of the book 'Creatures from another planet', which tells of a girl suffering from the disease. The protagonist of the story today enjoyed one of her dreams come true as she got to met the Barça players and coaches.
Charitable fines
Much progress
10,000 copies of 'Creatures from another planet' have been sold, and for every copy, 1.5 euros goes to the charity. In addition, the research benefits from different donations, having raised around 260,000 euros to fund the first research project into the syndrome at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona. A second project is now under way and a third is being planned. A Biorett Fund has also been set up in Spain that centralises all of the resources for researching Rett syndrome and which take shape in the form of its research projects.

There are two bank accounts into which you can make further donations to the cause:

La Caixa 2100-3887-01-0200034744 or Fondo Biorett Caja Madrid 2038-9904 46 6000179271.

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