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06.10.2009 13:38

Pedro just wants to improve

Jaume Marcet

Pedro's goals may well have proved decisive over the last few games, but the Barca youngster prefers to look to how he can learn from his mistakes and improve as a player.

One of the keys to Pedro's success so far with Barca is his humility and insistence on the need to improve and speaking to the press this Tuesdsay he again stressed that he was determined to learn and get better as a player, whilst not letting the praise for his recent performances go to his head.

Self effacing

2009-10-06_ENTRENAMIENTO_FCB_004.JPGDespite the praise for his goal against Almeria, Pedro preferred to look concentrate on the game as a whole: “I misplaced a lot of passes and did too many things wrong to come out of the game happy with my performance. I've got to work on taking defenders on and improving my passing and centres”.


As to his success so far, Pedro is clear where the praise should go: “the confidence that Pep Guardiola has shown, giving me time on the pitch has been vital and I'm just trying to make the most of the opportunities he's giving me”. Asked whether he could challenge Henry for a starting place, Pedro commented: “I'm always fighting and training hard for a place, but I think Thierry is playing really well right now”.

Goals in all the competitions

fcb-xakhtar_x26x.jpgPedro is the only Barca player to have scored in all four competitions the team have been involved in so far this season -European and Spanish Super Cups, Lal Lliga and Champions League and he noted: “I'll try and score in the World Club Championshops and the Spanish Cup too , but if I don't it's no problem”.
Pedro just wants to improve

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Seville and Madrid
Pedro reckons that both Real Madrid and Seville will be a threat to Barca's retaining the league title: “they are two teams who are playing at a very high level and I'm sure they will be up there fighting for the title. Seville played great on Sunday and fully deserved to win”.

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