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28.08.2009 23:48

Chygrynsky:“It was a pretty strange situation”

Roger Bogunyà

One of the main points of interest in Friday’s Super Cup was the presence of Dmytro Chygrynsky in the Shaktar team, just hours before his possible transfer to Barcelona, a situation he described as “pretty strange”.

Speaking after the game, Chygrynsky commented: “it’s pretty strange to be up against a team that you know you could soon be playing against, but once the game got under way I kept a cool head and just got on with my job”.

Sunday could be key

fcb-xakhtar_x35x.jpgThe Ukraine defender reckons Sunday could be key for finalising his transfer: “ I think I may be in Barcelona on Sunday for my medical. I hope that goes well and I can then sign my contract”.

Transfer speculation

There’s been speculation about eh move for some time, but Chygrynsky insisted: “lots of people have been talking about the move, but I’ve just tried to put it at the back of my mind and continue to do my job”.

Chygrynsky:“It was a pretty strange situation”
“We played well”

Chygrynsky reckoned that Shaktar put in a good display against Barca, claiming: “we played well against a great team. In the end, we lost, but that shouldn’t get us down, we’re looking forward to the league and the Europa League”. That said, it seems likely that Chygrynsky will pretty soon be more concerned with La Liga.

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