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30.07.2009 22:00

Guardiola: “The market’s wide open, but very complicated”

Jordi Clos

Pep Guardiola has admitted that he’s still interested in strengthening his squad, though he’s prepared to start the season with the players he’s got. Pep also expressed his satisfaction at the way the squad had adapted to the conditions in the US.

Following Tuedsay’s training session, Guardiola spoke to the press and explained his feelings about the summer transfer market: “the market’s wide open, but very complicated at the moment. All the transfers are very expensive and one option we’re dealing with is that we won’t be signing anybody else”, adding wryly “we’re rich, but not as rich as others. There’s still a month to go, but if we can’t sign anybody else, then we can’t”.

A solid base

2009-07-29_GUARDIOLAx_MESSI_01.jpgGuardiola is happy with the squad he’s got and confident they can do the job for him, explaining: “we’ve got a solid base, with 16, 17 or 18 top players and the rest coming along well. If anybody else comes in we’ll perhaps be a little more comfortable, but if not then there’s no problem. What we definitely won’t do is just sign someone to make up the numbers”. Asked about the Shaktar defender Chygrynskyi (now Champions League cup-tied) Guardiola commented: “there are other options, but they’re quite complicated”.

Hopes for Ibrahimovic

One of the signings he has made this summer is Ibrahimovic and Pep explained: “the best way for a player to integrate in the group is to be training, so the sooner he’s working with us the better. He’s a top class player and we’ll have to see how he fits in with the rest of the lads, but my intuition tells me he’ll be fine. I’m just looking forward to him getting better and showing us his best football”.
Guardiola: “The market’s wide open, but very complicated”
No jet lag
Although the long haul trip to the States meant a shortened sleep pattern for the players, Guardiola was happy with their reaction: "we didn’t sleep much, but we expected that and they all trained okay, I’ve no complaints on that score” In addition, Guardiola praised the facilities and the good work done by the marketing department ahead of Sunday’s game, a game where he’s hoping to see the players show the same spirit we did last season”.

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