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13.07.2009 18:13

Seven days before preseason

Marc Guillén

Next Monday Barça begin preseason with a day of medical check-ups. The following day the team heads off to London for six days.

As every year Barça are to begin the preseason with a day of medical check-ups and then move straight on to their first camp.

First training session in London

This year Barça are to begin preseason with a camp and will have no training sessions in Barcelona. The team have changed Saint Andrews (Scotland) for London (England) and have foregone a week in Barcelona unlike last year.

Two tough games

In the first week Barça will play two tough friendlies in the Wembley Cup against Spurs on Friday 24th July and Al-Ahly two days later.

Unbeatable facilities

P250609_17.41.JPGBarcelona will have fantastic grass pitches just ten minutes from their hotel at Bisham Abbey, where the England football team get together before games.

Six missing

All the first team players will be there next Monday save those who took part in the Confederations Cup (Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Busquets and Alves) and the European under-21 championship (Bojan).
Seven days before preseason
Time for the academy
As usual academy players will be at the first training sessions which will be a great chance to learn and try to clinch a first team spot as Sergio Busquets did last year.

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