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27.05.2010 14:58

Laporta highlights the “Barça model” for youth football

David Puig

The Barça president has spoken about the Barça structure on the first anniversary of the Champions League win in Rome and has praised the new Real Madrid manager, José Mourinho.

While presenting the UNESCO-FCB-UOC chair, the president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta said, one year after his club won the European crown, that “it is a day for many people to celebrate, not just Barça fans but people that love good football in general because Barça have sought to win titles while displaying footballing excellence”.

Impressed with Mourinho

He also had kind words to say about Real Madrid’s new coach, José Mourinho, who he described as “a good manager who at one time held Baça in his heart”. Laporta explained how the respective clubs have very different approaches to the game, for Barça prefer to base their plans around homegrown talent: “The Barça model and the Mourinho model are as different as the two clubs. FC Barcelona have moved far ahead of its competitors in terms of youth structure, which is an essential part of the club. Mourinho will have to implant his own model, will put a new team together and make them blend. In that sense, Barça has a certain advantage”.
Laporta highlights the “Barça model” for youth football
Villa’s pretenders
Joan Laporta also said the latest Barça signing, David Villa, had received other offers, and they therefore wanted to deal a quick and discrete deal: “Villa was under pressure from other clubs at the final stages of negotiations. The attitudes of the player and the Valencia president proved determinant. We finally reached an agreement for the player, and it was a good one both for Valencia and for FC Barcelona”.

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