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04.05.2010 23:35

"I can’t demand more of them"

Vanessa Forns

Speaking to reporters after the match against Tenerife, manager Josep Guardiola stressed the commitment of his players at this vital stage of the season.

With two matches still to be played, the team has already reached a record total of 93 points. “I want to congratulate the team again because they never stop surprising me. We’ve got 93 points and even I can’t believe it. The match on Tuesday was the 17th match we’ve played after a gap of just 3 or 4 days. It’s incredible. Once again we’ve made a fantastic effort”.

No complaints

Once again Guardiola pointed out that both Real Madrid and Barca have done enough to deserve the league title but he saved the bulk of his praise for his own players: “How can I criticise this team. I can’t demand more of them. We’ve played so many matches. It’s spectacular to have accumulated 93 points after having won six trophies”.

"You’re the best"

2010-05-04_PARTIDO_21.JPGGuardiola revealed that his in his halftime team talk, with the score line at 1-1, he had encouraged his players to believe in themselves: “You’re the best”. He explained: “Great sportspeople are those that do what these players are doing. They’ve proved it so many times. I admire them. That’s why I know we’ll try our best against Sevilla and Valladolid”.


"In the end we’ll be judged on whether or not we win the league. They want to win it and they’ll do whatever needs to be done. Whatever happens it’s been spectacular. And if we don’t, I’ll love them and admire them even more”.

Effort, patience and pride

Guardiola insisted that he values “their effort and the patience” above “the victory or the achievement” and that criticism would only be appropriate now “if we had run out of chances two months ago – right now I’m very proud of my players”. “Life is full of people that don’t manage it and they’re still proud of themselves. I’ve told them that I’m very proud of them”.

A big thank you to the fans

Despite a chilly and wet evening here in Barcelona, more than 57,000 people turned up to watch last night’s match: “57, 000 heroes came here and put up with the rain and the cold. I’ve seen situations like this before, where the game gets tricky, and you need the fans. It’s admirable. I want to thank them all. Anything could have happened in that match and the fans supported us”.

Mallorca v Real Madrid

Finally, Guardiola admitted that Real Madrid are favourites to win their match away to Mallorca on Wednesday. However, he emphasized that Mallorca would be no pushover: “They’ve only lost twice at home”.
“I can’t demand more of them“

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Laporta confident
Club president Joan Laporta also spoke to reporters after the Tenerife match and expressed his delight at the “historic” total of 93 points and the fact that the league title is still Barca’s to lose: “We’ll be top whatever happens tomorrow [in the match between Mallorca and Real Madrid]”.

"We’ve done a good job today and now we have to focus on Saturday’s match. It’s our last away match and I’m sure it’ll be tough. But I’m full of confidence”. Finally he thanked the 57,000 fans who cheered on the team in the Camp Nou for coming out and braving the elements.

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