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27.04.2010 17:30

Sergio: “I can sense a really positive feeling”

Edgar Fornós

Ahead of Wednesday’s game against Inter, Sergio Busquets reckons “ there’s something really special in the atmosphere We are all really up for this one and determined to get to the final”.

All the expectation surrounding the game has to be understood in the context of the great chance Barca have to reach another Champions League final - but this is not just any final: if they reach it, Barca will have the chance to become the first team to retain the title, and what’s more to do it on the ground of their eternal rival in Madrid. Busquets is well aware of all that is hanging on this game and told reporters: “I can sense a really positive feeling. We can make history and we all feel this is something special which gives us that extra motivation to reach the final”.

“This is the moment of truth”

2010-04-27_ENTRENO_01.JPGBarca find themselves in an unfamiliar position, needing to come back from 3-1 down to ensure a place at the Bernabeu and Busquets stressed: “we’ve always gone into a second leg with a good result in the first game. Now we have to show that we can also turn a tie around. This is the moment of truth”.

“The connection between us and the crowd is fundamental”

For such a big game, the Barca fans are going to be more important than ever and Busquets made it clear that the players are hoping for an extra boost from their supporters: “we need the fans. I think they have shown that they are the best in the world. The connection between us and the crowd is fundamental”.
Sergio: “I can sense a really positive feeling”
Need for cool heads
Busquets is also aware of how important patience is going to be in the game: “the time will start ticking away and we need to score to turn this around, but we mustn’t go crazy. Before we go looking for the second goal, we have to score the first and we also have to make sure Inter don’t score themselves”.

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