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12.04.2010 14:34

Two end-of-season friendlies

Jordi Clos

Joan Oliver has announced that Barça will play two friendlies at the end of the season, but without the players on World Cup duty. The corporate director general has also said that the cup final might be played at the Camp Nou.

The delegate commission met on Monday morning, with everybody more than happy with the way things are going for the first team. Spokesperson Joan Oliver also had news in his press conference. “We will play two end-of-season friendlies in Europe with the players not going to the World Cup.” He also spoke of plans for next year. “The preseason will start in Barcelona or Catalonia, and then there will be a couple of games in Asia in early August”.

Possible strike

2009-12-12_PARTIDO_09.JPGOliver also commented on the possibility of the Spanish Footballers Association going on strike next weekend. “Barça understands the problem and the claims are serious and fair. But our position is that at this stage of the season, the strike can only be bad for the competition and doesn’t seem pertinent. We have everything to play for in the League and Europe and we need to look at the fixture list because it’ll be very difficult with no dates left”, he explained. But there is Depor on Wednesday before, and it likely there will be a good crowd. “12,000 tickets have already been sold” said the director.

Possible final in the Camp Nou

2010-03-15_JOAN_OLIVER_57.JPGAnother element of his announcement was the Copa del Rey final between Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, which may be played at the Camp Nou. The RFEF has made enquiries to Barça and the club “is at the disposition of the Federation”. To end, Joan Oliver spoke about the members that want to travel to Milan and said that as there is greater demand than supply, there will be a draw for tickets. He also spoke about future changes to the lateral scoreboards in the stadium.
Two end-of-season friendlies
The Eto’o case
Joan Oliver also presented Barça’s arguments regarding the case of Samuel Eto’o, who is staking a claim for 15% of his transfer to Inter. The director general said “first of all, this regulation only governs the sale of players between Spanish League clubs. And, even if this were the case, it is the purchaser who has to pay. We also have proof of declarations made by Eto’o where he states he has no claims against Barça … The player’s representative did not want to sign the rescission of the contract and legally closed the agreement in the form of a loan”.

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