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07.04.2010 18:00

Baggio: “Pep’s collecting the fruits of his past efforts”

Marc Guillén/Edgar Fornós

Roberto Baggio, one of the greatest forwards of the nineties, played alongside Pep Guardiola for Brescia in the Serie A. In his view, the success of the current Barca manager comes as no surprise.

Pep Guardiola and Roberto Baggio became friends during their time together at Brescia, and this week he’s been in Barcelona to watch the game against Arsenal and observe the training methods of the best team in the world. In an exclusive interview with Barca TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Baggio told us: “I’m very happy at the way things are working out for him. He’s collecting the fruits of his past efforts. He’s a fantastic guy”.

A lasting friendship

2010-04-07_ENTRENO_20.JPGAlthough Pep Guardiola and Roberto Baggio spent little more than a season together at Brescia, they were both in the twilight of their illustrious playing careers and, perhaps inevitably, found they had a lot in common: “When Guardiola joined the team I’d already been there for a season. We struck up a friendship straight away and we’re still good friends. I really admire everything he’s doing at Barca and I hope he keeps on winning”.

“I can’t ask for more from a football match”

Roberto Baggio joined the more than 90,000 fans who packed into the Camp Nou on Tuesday evening to watch Barca defeat Arsenal: “I had the luck to see a magnificent match with five goals and an extraordinary Messi. The truth is I can’t ask for more from a football match”.
Baggio: “Pep’s collecting the fruits of his past efforts”

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“Difficult for both sides”
Roberto also gave us his views on Saturday’s big match: “The match between Barca and Real Madrid will be difficult for both sides. They both have players who can score at any moment. A victory for Barca would boost their morale for the rest of the season in the two competitions”.

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