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16.12.2008 18:04

Gudjohnsen: “Our only opponent is ourselves”

Jesús Carrillo

Icelander Eidur Gudjohnsen spoke to the media in the Camp Nou pressroom, and his message was clear: Barça’s only opposition right now is Barça themselves.

The former Chelsea man is clear about it. There was a lot of talk about this difficult run of matches, and nobody could have hoped for things to work out quite so well. “But if we think that just because we have done that that it means we’ll be champions, things will come to a bad end” he said.

Messi and referees

Gudjohnsen did not criticise the Madrid players for the rough treatment Messi endured on Saturday night, saying “it is the referee that has to protect us, not just Messi but all footballers”.

The Icelander is also aware that the team’s work is anything but done despite the excellent results. “I think all the teams behind us are possible rivals. From Madrid, the reigning champion, through Sevilla and Valencia, who are just behind us. We are just thinking about beating Villarreal, we aren’t thinking about anything else, nor are we thinking back to Saturday. For the squad, the clásico is now history and it’s time to start looking ahead”.

The best of Eidur

QM3D1547.jpgSince Guardiola arrived, we really seem to be seeing the best that Gudjohnsen can offer. “It’s true. The last two years weren’t good either for me or the team, but this year, fortunately, it’s a whole lot more positive. The only thing I can say is that we have to keep on like this, working hard, with the same confidence we have shown up until now and not to take it easy in training, and to maintain a winning mentality. As I’ve said, Sunday is like another final. Things have gone well up to now, but we can’t start slouching”.

European draw

As for the teams Barça could face in the Champions League, Gudjohnsen said “I have no preferences as any of the four are good teams. More than worrying about the others, we have to worry about ourselves, if we do that, it’ll be for the better.”
Gudjohnsen: “Our only opponent is ourselves”

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In memory of Cristóbal
Gudjohnsen was also sorry to learn of the loss of one of the most loyal supporters of the club’s youth teams. “I am sad. Cristóbal was a really nice guy. You always saw him at the Ciudad Deportiva, when he went to games my son played in. It is a shame, but that’s life” he said.

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