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13.12.2008 23:59

Eto'o: “They defended well, but we were better”


Samuel Eto’o believes that Real Madrid “defended well and we were obliged to try and win the game in a different way” after he had opened the scoring and set up a clásico victory for the Blaugrana in Camp Nou on Saturday evening.

“They are the champions and I think that they showed that, but we have fought hard in order to beat them because we really wanted that and we did it,” the Cameroonian continued. He then reflected on his penalty that was saved. “More than the fact that I missed it, (Iker) Casillas saved it.”

Like the rest of the players, Eto’o emphasised how the game was much harder than the media had predicted that it would be in the build-up. Below are what some of the other stars of the victory had to say.


“We have worked very hard and that drained us, but the most important thing is the three points.”

“The hype is something that we cannot control. We were not that bad before and we are not that great now, everyone has to look for the middle ground.

“The gap of 12 points is important, but Madrid would never consider giving up.”

“We knew that they would cause us problems on the break, like they did. But we knew how to control that.”

“We practiced the move for Eto’o’s goal with me arriving to meet the cross and look what happened.”


“The media talked a lot about a big win, but Madrid are a great team and we played against a strong team that made us work.”

“When you win a game that you have fought so hard for like this, the win means more.”

“We were highly-motivated and we always want to go forward. That may have hindered us slightly, but in the second half we calmed down.”

“We have to continue working now. It was important to beat Madrid, but even more important was winning the three points.”


“It was a derby and we knew it would be tough, as we had said before the game. It showed that el clásico is a different type of game that is always hard.”

“I received some strong tackles, but I have maintained my calm throughout the game.”

“We were a bit anxious because we wanted to score early on and they have had their chances on the break, but in the second half we calmed down.”

“Eto’o took the penalty because it was his turn.”

Dani Alves

6.jpg“Despite everyone talking about a big win, football is like this. It was very hard work, but in the second half we have enjoyed more control of the ball.”

“We have won the game due to our huge effort and we have not conceded a goal.”

“A game like this is always important. Everyone wants to see it. We have to be congratulated for the win.”

“When Eto’o did not score the penalty we missed the chance to go in front and to be able to calm down a bt, but it was important that continued working until we obtained our reward.”
Eto'o: “They defended well, but we were better”
Holiday until Tuesday
The first team squad will not return to training until Tuesday at 11.30am, when they will begin preparations for the game against Villarreal.

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