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03.12.2008 15:09

Henry: “We are comfortable as a team”

Berta Brau

Thierry Henry highlighted the importance of the FC Barcelona side working together because he believes that when they do then “things work well” on the pitch.

Speaking to the assembled members of the media after training on Wednesday, the Barça star explained how crucial playing as a team was to success. “When we attack and defend together it is when things work well,” he said. “We feel comfortable as a team.”

Good work

03-12-08_WEB_HENRY_01.jpgLooking back at the last few matches, Henry said that he felt the team also worked well when applying pressure now because “until we regain the ball we do not stop running”. He then explained that he never thought about leaving Barça was because “I knew that the team was capable of playing like we are now”. Henry assured that “the first concern of the team is to play week and to win every match”.

Breaking down the defence

The Blaugrana number 14 admitted that he was conscious of the importance and difficulty of the next game against Valencia: “They are a team that has not lost an away game and they have a very good defence,” he said. “It will be a complicated game and our aim must be to break down their defence. Henry then added that both Juanma Mata and David Villa will have to be watched at the other end.

No over-confidence

03-12-08_WEB_HENRY_04.jpg“In football things can change at any moment and because of that we focus only on our game,” Henry stated as he explained that it is not easy to “maintain a lead of several points because you can always become over-confident and think that there is room to drop points”.

“Doing incredible things”

Asked about Pep Guardiola, the forward stated that the coach “is doing an incredible job”. Henry continued by stating that “sincerely, he works hard, he is fair and likes discipline”, which are all things that he believes are very important for a trainer to have. Guardiola “knows what he wants and is constantly trying to put his message across” although he said that during games “there are times when players have to make decisions themselves when they have the ball”.
Henry: “We are comfortable as a team”

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FIFA World Player of the Year
Thierry Henry confessed that even though he cannot vote for the FIFA World Player of the Year now that Patrick Vieira is the captain of France, he still knows who he would have chosen. “If I could, I would vote for Leo Messi,” he said.

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