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02.12.2008 12:39

Fitness testing day

Marc Guillén

After the win at Sevilla, the Barça players donned their gear again today for an evaluation of their current state of fitness in the most extensive analysis of their condition since September.

This was the third time this season that the players have been put through a series of tests to check up on their physical condition.

Hungry start

The morning began with a blood analysis at 9.00, and for this reason the players were expected to report to the club with empty stomachs. Then the players took the strength, resistance and speed tests that they also took on the first day of the preseason and in late September.

Divided team

QM3D2989.jpgThe squad took the tests at the Miniestadi and divided into two groups for the purpose. The first to go in were Abidal, Alves, Valdés, Jorquera, Pinto, Cáceres, Márquez, Busquets, Piqué, Xavi, Keita, V.Sánchez and Puyol. The second group featured Hleb, Gudjohnsen, Henry, Messi, Touré, Pedro, Eto’o and Bojan.
Fitness testing day
Three absentees
The injured Andrés Iniesta and Gaby Milito, plus Sylvinho, were the only players that did not take the fitness tests. The Brazilian has gone down with a cold and was therefore unable to report to the Miniestadi.

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