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08.11.2008 23:59

Guardiola: “The result is a little misleading”

Vanessa Forns

Despite the 6-0 win against Valladolid, Guardiola has made an appeal for prudence and pointed how in the first half, the opposition came out and attacked and had chances to score themselves.

“The result is a little unreal and misleading. Throughout the first half Valladolid had as many counter attacks as we had. They couldn’t finish them off, but we did because we have decisive players”, said the manager after the game. Speaking about the side coached by Mendilíbar, Guardiola praised the way they came out and attacked.

Always prudent

Josep Guardiola was delighted to have won 6-0 against Valladolid in Saturday night’s game at the Camp Nou: “We got the three points and that was our eighth consecutive win in the league. It was a very good result”. But he also made a call for calm, saying “there are always areas we have to work on. We are not a perfect team and we haven’t won any titles yet”.

Guardiola wished to point out the midweek draw in the Champions League game with Basel, which he reckons “should serve as an example” and said his side will have to be careful in the cup game with Benidorm.

Eto'o, extraordinary

There can be no doubting that the star of the show on Saturday was Samuel Eto'o, who scored four goals. “Eto'o is having a fantastic year. Not only because of his goals. Against Malaga he was a huge help, and that’s the best thing about him. He is an extraordinary player. I celebrate his joy and the way he helps us so much. The merit is all his, because of his eagerness to do things well”, said Guardiola on the Cameroonian’s tremendous form.

Quality from Messi and Henry

The Barça boss was also impressed with Lionel Messi: “He didn’t score tonight but he was involved in almost all the goals. He is an extraordinary player, the kind that makes a manager look good”. Guardiola also mentioned Henry, who he described as “a striker who needs goals and we have to try to make sure he gets them”.

Thanks to the crowd

He ended by saying how happy he was to see so many fans turn up at the Camp Nou for the Valladolid game. “We should celebrate the way so many people came. In the end, we are playing for somebody. We want the fans to get in the right mood”.
Guardiola: “The result is a little misleading”
Dedication of win
Like Joan Laporta and the players, Josep Guardiola dedicated the resounding victory over Valladolid at the Camp Nou to Severiano Ballesteros: “I would like to dedicate this win to Severiano Ballesteros, who seems to be recovering” he said of the Spanish golfer who is suffering a brain tumour.

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