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03.11.2008 14:05

Guardiola: “We aren’t in the last 16 yet”

David Puig

Josep Guardiola doesn’t want his side to be over-confident against Basle and says they could have a nasty surprise if they don’t concentrate and take the game seriously.

03-11-08_WEB_GUARDIOLA_12.jpgJosep Guardiola is not having his head turned by good form in the League and the Champions League. After training this Monday, he said the team needs to keep up its commitment if it wants to beat Basle and qualify for the knock-out stages of the Champions League. “We aren’t in the last 16 yet and we haven’t beaten Basle yet,” said the Barça manager. “If we think tomorrow’s game will be like the one a fortnight ago, we could be in for a nasty surprise, and we’ve got to remember who our opponents are and give them the respect they deserve. I don’t want to win five nil. All I want the players to do is to keep on as they have done so far.”

League leaders

Guardiola is pleased that his side is top of the League, but once again pointed out that the competition has only just started. “We are top, one point ahead of Vila-real and two above Real Madrid, and I’m happy about that,” he said. “We must be doing something right to be on top, but there’s still a long way to go. I’m very pleased with the image the players are giving, as that’s the most important thing.”

Whole squad with Unzué

031108-5.jpgGuardiola highlighted the fact that the entire squad and coaching staff are going to Navarra to attend the funeral of Juan Carlos Unzué’s father as a sign of the unity to be found in the dressing-room. “I’m happy with what the players have done here,” he said. “When the father of someone you work with so closely and for so long dies, it’s quite normal that people will want to go to the funeral. It’s nothing extraordinary and you’d find it in any workplace. The club’s provided us with a plane and we’re all going to Navarra.”
Guardiola: “We aren’t in the last 16 yet”

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Happy with the new signings
Guardiola says the attitude of this season’s new signings is excellent. “I’m very happy with all of them, and I ask them for 100% regardless of how much game time they have or how well they play,” he said. “At the start of the season I said I wanted them to be committed and to make a maximum effort and so far I haven’t been let down. That’s great for me as a manager.”

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