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02.10.2008 19:39

Messi: “We are all important”

Jesús Carrillo

Lionel Messi explained that he felt great after helping FC Barcelona record their second victory in the Champions League group stage and also the team’s fifth consecutive win all competitions when he spoke to the press after training on Thursday.

Like normal, the Argentinian was calm and relaxed and appeared that nothing bothers him. “I always try to be tranquil when I am out on the pitch and not worry about anything,” he said. “At least, that is what I try for.” Messi showed what that calmness can do when in front of goal when he netted the two goals to beat Shakhtar on Wednesday evening in Donetsk. “The move I did was the only one I could do. I did noty have time to think about how to beat the keeper.”

Squad rotation is normal

The question of rotations also came up in Messi’s chat with the journalists. “They are normal,” he said. “We have a great squad, with a lot of players and we will have to play a lot of games. The rotationsare normal and nobody is afraid of them.”

Sergio Agüero

xakhtar-fcb_x8x.jpgSergio Agüero is due to visit Camp Nou on Saturday with Atlético de Madrid and comparisons with Messi were made. “I am not interested in the debate about whether el Kun or I are the better player,” the Barça star explained. “When I can tell you is that he is a very important player for Atlético, but he would not be able to do anything on his own. Agüero is fundamental for his team and there are a lot of good players around him too.”

Messi and Barça

The term ‘Messi-dependence’ was brought up in the press conference at Camp Nou. “I do not believe in this phrase or share it. When Barça wins, the whole team wins the game with or without Messi,” he added. After scoring two winning goals in the last two matches to give the Blaugrana some very important points Messi was keen to point out that everyone was responsible for the late wins. “The players here always give it their all and we play football until the final whistle. We are always looking for a chance or a possibility to to something. I am just one player, but always I have felt like an important player in the dressing room and on the pitch.”
Messi: “We are all important”

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Training in the Miniestadi
After arriving back from Donetsk in the early hours of the morning, the squad trained on Thursday afternoon. In the session in the Miniestadi, the substitutes from the midweek game trained normally along with those players that were rested. Aleksiandr Hleb was also present, but he worked along on his recuperation from injury.

The players that started in the Ukraine worked in the gym on specific exercises and then did some jogging on the pitch in front of La Masia.

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