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27.09.2008 23:59

Guardiola: “We more than deserved the win”

Vanessa Forns

Josep Guardiola considered that FC Barcelona “more than deserved” to win the derby at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys in Montjuïc on Saturday evening.

The Blaugrana coach congratulated his players, especially for their “performance” throughout the 90 minutes, and considered that his team and Espanyol had both contributed to a “very good derby game” in terms of the quality of play. “I want to congratulate my players and Espanyol as well,” he said. “They started very well and came out and that surprised me.”

Pleased with the first half

Continuing with his analysis of the game, Guardiola felt that his team had played very well throughout the first half: “The team has played an extraordinary first half , despite the fact that we still lack the instinct we need in front of goal. In the second half, with ten men, Espanyol played further up field. In the end, we had the luck that had been missing throughout the rest of the game.”

The team gaining a good dynamic

On the offensive substitutions that he made at the start of the second half, Guardiola explained that “I would not have put them on if Espanyol had still had eleven players”. The Blaugrana coach reiterated that he felt that the team’s performance had meant that they “more than deserved” the victory and went on to say that he believes that team is little-by-little gaining “a good dynamic”. “We have earned out third consecutive victory in the league, which is not easy. Now we have to continue,” he added.

“Lamentable” incidents

Finally, Guardiola did not want to weigh up the referee’s performance and stated that he viewed the incidents in the stands as “lamentable” after flares were thrown and meant that the game had to be stopped for a few minutes. “It is stupid and I hope that these things will never happen again. We are the first to denounce these types of incidents,” he explained.

Guardiola: “We more than deserved the win”
Laporta: “Barça take absolutely no responsibility”
Joan Laporta explained that he felt that the incidents that took place in the stands were “regrettable” during the derby encounter in the Estadi Lluís Companys on Montjuïc that led to the referee having to stop the game for a few minutes. In that sense, the Blaugrana president wanted to make very clear that he felt that FC Barcelona has “absolutely no responsibility” and added that “we have spent six years taking measures in order to stop these kinds of incidents from happening in the stadium”.

Then Laporta went on to state that the attitude of the directors in the presidential box in the stadium had been good although he did reveal that some people outside the area let their feelings be known. “People shouted at me as if I was responsible for what was happening,” he said. “I can only tell them we take absolutely no responsibility and that barça has taken measures to ensure that violence could not gain access to the ground.”

Reflecting on the game itself, Laporta said that he was very happy with win against Espanyol, but did not want to talk about the performance of the referee. Barça were “the just winners” because “we have dominated the game”, he added.

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