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23.09.2008 15:18

“We have to repeat what we did well in Gijon”

Marc Guillén

Barça boss Josep Guardiola was happy with the way the team played against Gijon, but has warned that “we did get some things wrong, and I’ll be reminding the players of that before the game tomorrow”.

The FC Barcelona manager does not want his team to let the praise go to their heads and start thinking they can relax. “We will see against Betis whether we can be ambitious again or whether we are all a bit stunned by all the praise we have received. We’ll see how things go”, said Guardiola.

No six-goal treat in store

230908_guardiola_x3x.jpgHe also knows what the winning formula is, namely “repeating what we did well on Gijón. The transition between attack and defence worked well and we only lost our shape a little after their goal. But the fans have to realise that we won’t be scoring six more goals tomorrow”.

As for playing positions, Guardiola was didactic with his words, saying “we have to be well positioned in attack and prepare ourselves to deal with any counter attacks by the opposition. We have to work to get the transition between attack and defence working right”.

World’s best player in a winning team

sporting-fcb_x5x.jpgGuardiola added that he considers his full squad to be potential members of his team. Specifically speaking about Andrés Iniesta he said “for a player of such a high calibre to be so willing to play wherever he is asked sets an example for all footballers and sportspeople”.

He feels Iniesta can play either in midfield or in attack, but “the players that tip the balance need to be hovering around the area. The nearer they are the better”.

Some pundits are even saying Iniesta is the best player in the world right now, to which Guardiola responded that “if anybody deserves to be, it’s him, there no doubt about that. But it is impossible to win individual honours if your team doesn’t win. I have to remind my players about that from time to time”.
“We have to repeat what we did well in Gijon”
Attendance against Betis
The manager said that it would be “for the better if a lot of people come to the ground” but he is willing to face the reality of the situation. “People have their private lives and I can’t do anything about that. We will try to play good football and put on the kind of display people will want to come and see.” As for the game, he predicts an open match in which “Betis might play a bit more defensively but they have some quality players that always like to have the ball, so I think we’ll see a good match and an entertaining show.”

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