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06.09.2008 10:30

Eto'o trains in the Masia

David Puig

Samuel Eto'o trained this Saturday on the pitch at ‘La Masia’. On Friday afternoon he went to the gym and in this way made up for the training sessions he couldn’t do on Monday and Wednesday.

At around a quarter to nine in the morning, Samuel Eto’o arrived at the ‘Masia’ training ground to carry out a demanding preparatory session. The Cameroon striker, accompanied by a physiotherapist and a first team trainer, carried out a hard training session that lasted 50 minutes.

Demanding physical circuit

060908_entrenoetoo_x3x.jpgThe session started with some light running and ball control as a warm-up. Then he went through four obstacle courses that he had to do without stopping. For almost half an hour and without stopping the Cameroonian did all the circuits at high speed. The exercise was done without a ball except for the last section when Eto’o finished the circuit with a shot on goal.

Shots on goal

060908_entrenoetoo_x4x.jpgIn the last part of the training, Eto’o practiced shooting from outside the box. Now more relaxed, the Cameroonian tried repeatedly to hit the ball off the crossbar, which he achieved on more than one occasion. With Friday and Saturday’s sessions, Eto’o is now up to date with the rest of the team.
Eto'o trains in the Masia
He’ll miss the Cameroon game
Samuel Eto'o won’t be able to play for the Cameroon national side against Cape Verde, in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers due to suspension. For this reason Eto’o stayed in Barcelona except for the days he had the club’s permission to leave.

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