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24.08.2008 12:32

Messi now in Barcelona with gold medal


Messi has now returned to Barcelona after winning Olympic gold on Saturday in Beijing. The player, who had just arrived, went almost directly to the Nou Camp where he admitted that he was highly motivated to play again for Barça.

Leo Messi arrived at Barcelona airport this morning from Beijing. With his gold medal in his hand, the player went home to change and then went directly to the Now Camp to meet up with his team mates and start work.


But first Messi spoke with the media and once again he thanked the club for allowing him to go to the Olympics in the first place: “I was only able to go thanks to them. I am grateful to the club, the president and the manager”.

Medal makes up for everything

messi_medalla_x1x.jpgLeo Messi admitted that “the medal makes up for everything that has been said. And to return with a medal is even more perfect”.

The Argentinian also said that the gold medal allowed him “to continue growing. It gives me strength and a lot of joy for myself, my team mates and for Argentina”.

Barça on his mind

Once in Barcelona, Leo Messi is only interested in returning to work with his club. The young Argentinian is “highly motivated and happy with the squad, with the new players and the hope and excitement that is evident at the club”. He added that he “wants to be with the squad from the beginning”.
Messi now in Barcelona with gold medal
Back to work
On landing, Leo Messi went home to change and then went straight to the club. He greeted his team mates before their training session and then did some light work alone.

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