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01.08.2008 08:55

Gudjohnsen ready for August 12

David Saura (Special Correspondent)

Eidur Gudjohnsen only has the first leg of the Champions League on his mind, and is unconcerned by rumours that he could be on his way out of Barça.

“I’ll be fully ready on August 12” he said in an improvised press conference after training, in which the Icelander insisted he only has thoughts for Barça right now.

Barça the only concern

Before today’s draw, Eidur Gudjohnsen said he is not too bothered who they meet because “I am only thinking about ourselves. We all know we’ve got a final to play on the 12th. We are Barça and we only have to worry about ourselves.” He knows that they are the team nobody wants to play and “that’s normal because we have got lots of good players”.

Guardiola on the ball

After several weeks working with Pep Guardiola, the Nordic striker said “he has proven strong and hard. He is always on top of the players and very attentive in training.”

Chat with the boss

entrenament310708chicago_x12x.jpgEidur Gudjohnsen said he spoke to the manager a few weeks ago about his future, and they discussed whether he will be staying on at the club – something the media seems to be doubting of late. “He said he had his trust in me” said the player. “I am ready to carry on at Barça. If nothing happens before August 31, I’ll still be here.”

Aside from rumours

This is his third season at the club, and the situation does make him feel uneasy. “It’s not easy, but I am a strong character and I only worry about football matters. I just have to think about getting into the strongest form possible.”
Gudjohnsen ready for August 12
Relationship with Henry
It is widely known that Thierry Henry is one of Gudjohnsen’s closest friends in the team. The two were Premiership rivals, but all that is behind them. This was clear today when the Icelander was speaking to the media after training. As he spoke, the other players headed off to the coach, and as Henry passed he held up two fingers behind Gudjohnsen’s back, and Eidur carried on speaking without a twitch.

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