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26.03.2009 12:17

Individual training diaries

Jesús Carrillo

Apart from training and the matches themselves, FC Barcelona’s internationals are keeping a detailed dairy of all the exercises they are doing away from the Club.

This season, Barça players are being told to write everything they do while they are with their national squads. The idea is to keep Barça’s fitness coaches fully informed of the players’ training activities away from the Camp Nou.

What, how and how much!

28-02-09_WEB_EQUIPO_03.jpgThey have to indicate the length of time spent training, whether the session is focussed on fitness or tactics, how long they spend on the pitch and how long in the gym etc. They also have to give similar details on the training matches they take part in.

On the players’ return from international duty, the coaches will adjust their training programmes to take into account the work the players have done while with the nation squads.

Down to the last detail

The Barça coaching staff have been applying this new policy since the start of the season but after nearly eight months of competitive football the coaches need to know every last detail in order to keep the players in top shape.
Individual training diaries
Individual plans
These new practices are not only being applied to the internationals. As Rafa Márquez admitted at last Tuesday’s press conference, every player has an individualised training plan in addition to the collective training done by every member of the squad, the main aim being to prevent injuries. Each player also has an individual nutrition plan, depending on weight, workload and the specific traits of each player.

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